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Michigan Ear teams up with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to allow hearing assistant technology

It was life-changing. Former teacher who lost hearing decades ago gets cochlear implant

December 19th, 2019

Lott went to see neurologist Dr. Seilesh Babu of the Michigan Ear Institute in Southfield, a partner of Ascension Providence.

“Hearing loss is a very isolating event,” he said. “When it occurs, people become depressed, so they don’t interact with people as much.”

Babu told Lott about the cochlear implant – a small electronic device that helps people hear.

Surgeon says Kelly Stafford prognosis is good, hearing loss could be one long-term issue By: Jim Kiertzner

April 3rd, 2019

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Kelly Stafford shocked everyone when she posted on social media that she has a brain tumor and is terrified about having brain surgery.

Kelly Stafford, wife of Matthew Stafford, having brain surgery to remove tumor Friends, fans send well-wishes to Kelly Stafford after brain surgery announcement.

Dr. Seilesh Babu of Ascension Providence Hospital and the Michigan Ear institute says her prognosis is good.

3 young Michigan sisters turn on cochlear implants after having surgery together

NOVI, Mich. – Three Michigan sisters who were losing their ability to hear had surgery to try to get back what they’ve lost.

The Sturm sisters — Quinn, 9, Riley, 6, and Evie, 5 – all have a genetic form of hearing loss. In early June, they all underwent surgery at Ascension Providence to receive cochlear implants. A few weeks later, it was time to turn on the devices.

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