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Dr. John Zappia was featured on Fox 2 Detroit

Dr. John Zappia had the opportunity to explain to Fox 2 Detroit how dizziness and vertigo are caused.

According to Dr. Zappia, Vertigo is when completely faulty information is being sent to the brain. Even though there is no actual motion occurring, the brain perceives there is, which is very deceptive and disturbing when it occurs.

The inner ear is normally filled with fluid. The fluid in the inner ear moves a little each time you move and there are little cells that sense that movement. That’s how the whole system works. If there’s something extra in there, like these particles, they will bump into the sensing cells and send distorted or abnormal information. That’s where the vertigo, or dizziness, comes from.

Epley Omniax system, the chair Jen sat in, can separate the motion that we’re putting them in with the canal that we’re stimulating. By doing that, we can identify the particular canal. Once we’ve identified which canal is active, we can then complete repositioning based on which canal is active.

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